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Why Having Professional Help At Home Keeps You Out Of Trouble When Recovering From Hip Surgery

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The date is set for your total hip replacement, and you're planning to recover at home. You have friends and family members scheduled to help you during the first few weeks. You will also benefit from having a professional home health care provider supporting you at home. The beginning of your recovery period is a critical time as it sets the tone for the duration of your recovery. You'll face some challenges during your recovery where the help of friends and family may not be enough. Here is how this extra help will keep you safe and out of trouble while you recover from your hip surgery.

You'll Have Consistent Control of Your Pain

You'll have some pain in your hip for a few weeks after the surgery. The doctor will give you pain medication to control the pain, but it will be most effective when taken properly. If you forget to take a scheduled dosage or you wait until the pain is severe to take the medication, it won't give you as much relief. The home health provider will monitor your pain medication schedule so you take it regularly. This maintains a level of the medication in your body to control the pain evenly. The nurse or aid will also make sure to time when you get your pain medicine, so its peak effectiveness coincides with your physical therapy sessions, when you most need the pain relief.

You'll Stay on Course to Make Progress in Your Recovery

The physical therapy that your doctor ordered for you is critical to your successful recovery. You'll need to set a pace with the physical therapist to make incremental progress. Getting enough rest in between sessions is just as important for your body to heal.

If you push yourself too hard one day, you may not want to get out of bed the next day. Or you may decide to skip the physical therapy session one day because a favorite movie is on TV. You need someone to keep you on schedule. Your friends and family may not be able to give you the right support. A health care provider knows how to slow you down when you try to do too much. They also know how to coax you to get out of bed or away from the TV so you stick with your physical therapy. They become the coach and supporter you need to maintain steady progress in your recovery.

You'll Feel Safer When Unforeseen Problems Happen

You're walking through the house when your foot catches on the carpet causing you to trip and fall. A family member may not know what to do to help you. The health care nurse or aid knows how to assess if there is any injury and help you up into a comfortable position. They will watch for signs of shock and any injury to your hip. If they suspect any problems, they will contact your doctor's office and get any recommendations. Your doctor may want to get an X-ray of the hip to make sure it wasn't affected by the fall. Having the extra help at home will give you the confidence that you'll have the right support should something like this happen.