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Think About These 3 Potential Causes Before You Seek Treatment for Back Pain

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Developing back pain can often cause you to seek help from a health practitioner, but you don't automatically have to schedule an appointment if you're sore. Although severe back pain plagues many people, one thing to remember is that minor back pain can come and go without the care of a professional. Although you should always seek help from a practitioner such as a chiropractor if you have severe or prolonged back pain, you should also think about these potential causes before you seek treatment.

You Slept Awkwardly

Many people wake up with back pain but then notice that it goes away over the course of the day. A sore back can often be the result of sleeping uncomfortably; for example, if your body is bent in a position so that your back is kinked, it may be achy in the morning.

You may also have a sore back if you recall having nightmares, as you could have been tossing and turning as a result of the dreams and ended up in an awkward position. Even though this can make your initial part of the day feel a little miserable, the good news is that you'll often be feeling back to normal by lunch or sometime thereafter.

You've Done Heavy Lifting

It's also possible to experience back pain if you've done heavy lifting or engaged in other physical activities. This can especially be the case if you're not accustomed to such activities. For example, after a weekend during which you've helped a friend move, you shouldn't be surprised to wake up on Monday morning feeling a little stiff and sore.

Although you should seek care from a health practitioner if you have sharp, shooting pain—a symptom that your spine is out of its natural alignment and is putting pressure on your nerves—dull muscle aches should soon go away.

You've Done a Lot of Sitting

If you notice that your back is sore, try to think about how much sitting you've done recently. People who have sedentary jobs will sometimes suffer from back pain, but there are other sitting-related reasons that you might be sore. After a long car trip or an airplane flight, for example, you shouldn't be surprised to have an achy back. This can especially be the case if you were sitting in a slouched manner, rather than using correct posture.

Ideally, the pain will soon go away. However, if any type of back pain persists, seek the care of a health practitioner through resources like Regional Pain Care.