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4 Benefits of Birth Control You Might Not Know About

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The reason most women use birth control is obvious, given that it's literally in the name. But while you might be on birth control to keep from getting pregnant, many women are sometimes surprised by the other benefits that a regular birth control routine can provide. Here are four benefits of birth control that you might not have known about.

Clear Up Your Skin

All women produce a small amount of male hormones in addition to their female ones. But some women produce more than others, and a high amount of male hormones can produce acne, hair growth, and other unwanted blemishes on your skin. Birth control can slow or suppress the production of male hormones, likely helping you clear up your skin in the process.

Map Out Your Period 

If you have historically had a difficult time trying to guess exactly which day your period is going to start, birth control can help with that. If you are taking pills, one of the most common methods of birth control, you will likely be given three weeks' worth of pills with an active hormone and one week of pills that are inactive, or a placebo. This allows you to pretty much guarantee that your period will come the week you are not on the pills.

Less Blood to Worry About

Birth control can also affect your period in another positive way. If you are a woman who suffers from heavy bleeding during your period, you'll be happy to know that many birth control methods can significantly lighten your period. In fact, some doctors prescribe birth control pills to women with menorrhagia (a heavy bleeding syndrome) specifically just for that purpose, provided they aren't trying to get pregnant, of course.

Stop the Pain

Many women feel pain when they menstruate, and the pain can come from multiple sources. Some women get cramps when their eggs are released each month, while other women suffer migraines during this unpleasant time of the month. It's possible to get a type of birth control that will stop your period pretty much completely by fooling your body into thinking you are pregnant. This means your uterus will not release any eggs, and the cramping and migraines will hopefully go away.

Everyone knows the number one reason to go on birth control, but many women are pleased to discover that a regular birth control routine can have other benefits, like making your period more tolerable and even clearing up your skin. For more information on birth control, reach out to your doctor today.