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Electric Essential Oil Diffusers Make Aromatherapy Convenient

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If you'd like to try aromatherapy with essential oils, one of the most convenient techniques involves using an electric diffuser. This device provides an easy and safe way to create an aromatherapy experience without needing an open flame from a candle in an oil burner. A broad range of electric diffuser styles are available so you can choose one that most appeals to you.


An electric diffuser disperses the scent of essential oils throughout one room or a larger space. Some plug into outlets, some operate on battery power only and some work both ways. 

A fan diffuser gently blows cool air across a tray or a disposable pad containing the oil, moving the fragrance out of the device. In contrast, a heat diffuser warms the oil so the scent becomes potent enough to waft into the air and away from the device. 

The instructions included with the equipment tell you where to add the oil and how much to use. After adding the substance you've chosen, all you do is turn on your diffuser to disperse the fragrance. 

Advantages of Electric Models

Many people aren't entirely comfortable having a candle burning if they aren't right there keeping an eye on it. With an electric diffuser, you can move from room to room without worrying about an unattended open flame.

Even an unscented candle can give off a slight aroma that you might feel interferes with pure aromatherapy. 

Small and lightweight diffusers are convenient during travel. You can use battery-powered diffusers practically anywhere -- even if you're driving your car or camping in a tent. You can also find small heat-based diffusers that plug right into your car charger.


Before buying a fan diffuser, try it at the store or read reviews online to make sure it's not too noisy for you. You may actually enjoy the white noise provided by the fan; many people find this sound soothing.

Lighter oils, such as citrus versions, evaporate more rapidly in a fan diffuser than in a heat-based model. 


Diffusers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Some are intended to bring scent to a relatively small room, while others are more appropriate for several rooms or a large open area. You can find diffusers with different settings that make the devices useful for both small and large areas.

Concluding Thoughts

An electric essential oil diffuser makes it easy to have a wonderful aromatherapy experience whenever you're in the mood. You'll be able to try different single oils and blends to learn which create the best effects for your own preferences. 

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