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7 Mistakes You Don't Want To Make When Pre-Planning A Funeral

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When you've made the decision to pre-plan your funeral, don't rush through the process. A funeral home director can help you address the important points, but there are still opportunities to make mistakes. Here are a few of those to avoid when making your own funeral arrangements.

Don't Rely on Your Will for Your Wishes

The will is often read long after the funeral service has been held, so include everything important to you in the funeral pre-planning documents. Even such things as items you wish to be buried with should be addressed by your funeral planning.

Don't Rely Only on Phone Conversations

Funeral homes vary greatly and the only way to see what you're getting is to visit each one you're considering. Remember that it will be your family that spends the most time in the funeral home, so make sure it is a pleasant place and the staff are friendly and helpful.

Don't Go with the First Funeral Home You Contact

Research several funeral homes to see what they offer. How do their options compare with other funeral homes and what unique services do they offer your family? Once the funeral service is over, what kind of follow up do they do with the family?

Don't Rush Into Any Purchasing Decisions

Many funeral homes design package deals that are all inclusive for one price. The alternative is a la carte where you pick out each element of the service and pay for each separately. Packages can save you money if everything in the package is to your liking. Ask if there are upgrade options in the package. For example, what will it cost extra to get a better coffin than what is included in the package?

Don't Buy Solely on Price

Price matters, but like many purchases, understand all that you're getting for the price. The best deal may come from a funeral home where you least like the atmosphere or staff. Again, keep in mind that your family will be dealing with the staff once you have passed. Paying a little more for a service in a highly-rated funeral home is a considerate act you can do for your family.

Don't Compare Just Based on Price

As you narrow down your choices, understand all of the features and benefits you get from each funeral home. If two funeral homes offer an option called "cemetery transportation," do they both define that term the same way? They may charge the same, but one may mean transportation for you and your family, while the other defines it as just for your remains.

Don't Be Silent - Ask a Lot of Questions

The funeral home people you really want to work with are those who are patient as you ask question after question. They know that funeral pre-planning is a difficult task, and you want to work with people who will spend whatever time with you that is needed. If you have found the right people to work with, ones like Fletcher Funeral Home PA, then they are likely going to treat your family with the same patience and respect after you're gone.