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Stay Comfortable Through Prevention And Awareness - Tips For Preventing Kidney Stones

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Many people who find themselves visiting a urologist only do so after experiencing pain or discomfort. One of the most common sources of this discomfort is the development of kidney stones, caused by mineral deposits in the kidneys or urinary tract that harden into solid constructions that can be very difficult and painful to pass.

If you don't take the right steps to keep your urinary tract in proper health, you can find yourself in a difficult situation involving a great deal of pain and perhaps an expensive hospital stay. Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should take to prevent kidney stones, allowing you to maintain the urinary health that you desire.

Be Mindful Of Sweat

One of the most basic causes of kidney stones is a lack of sufficient urination. This can have a number of causes, but if you're making an effort to stay hydrated and still find yourself infrequently going to the bathroom, it's likely that the temperature of your environment is the culprit.

Do your best to remain comfortable while sleeping, as many people lose hydration rapidly while in bed. You should also take care to be vigilant about your hydration while exercising, as times when your body is working overtime are also times when you're susceptible to dangerous mineral buildup.

Consider Your Diet

Some foods actually contribute significantly to the buildup of minerals in your urinary tract. Oxalate, a naturally occurring substance found in many fruits, vegetables, and other common foods, can bond with calcium to create stones that may be particularly difficult to pass.

If you've had problems with stones in the past or if you're noticing discomfort in your urinary tract, consult with your doctor as to the best way to alter your diet to prevent this buildup. In many cases, consuming additional calcium will actually go a long way in preventing the oxalate from bonding with what may be an insufficient amount that currently exists in your system.

Be Vigilant About Your Care

It's often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this is certainly true in the case of kidney stones. If you've suffered from stones in the past or find yourself with symptoms that suggest future buildups are coming, it's important that you attend your regularly scheduled urology appointments and take all of your medications as scheduled. Your urologist, such as Dr. Matthew Bui, will be able to guide you through the process, but you need to be prepared to do your part in maintaining your kidney health.