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Are Finances Causing Problems In Your Marriage? Try These Tips To Reconnect

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Marriage problems related to money are surprisingly common. If you find yourself arguing with your spouse about money, it's time to do something about it. Following these steps can help the two of you argue less when it comes to your finances.

Be Transparent

First and foremost, you'll find that if you are both transparent in regards to finances, by telling one another about expenses and financial hiccups as soon as they happen, that you're sure to get along a lot better. Once you start fibbing to your spouse about how you are spending money—failing to mention an overdraft fee or if you go shopping and try to hide how much you spent or what you purchased—then you can count on the arguments and distrust to begin.

Work on a Budget Together

In some marriages, money is a problem because the two spouses simply aren't on the same page. Therefore, it's smart for the two of you to sit down and work on a financial plan and budget together. Then, you will both know what's going on in your accounts, and you can decide together how to handle bills, expenses, and savings.

Give One Another an Allowance

It can be helpful if the two of you each have a little bit of money that is your "own" to spend. When writing out your budget, take the time to give each of you a small amount of money for personal expenses, such as clothing or lunches out during the workweek. This can help you both feel a little more independent, and then you will both know exactly how much you can afford to spend for the week or month without affecting your finances.

Consider Relationship Counseling

If money has been the cause of a lot of arguments in your marriage, it might be time to seek some outside advice. Relationship counseling can help the two of you sit down and talk about your problems, including those that are related to your finances. You could learn tips and tricks for getting along better when it comes to money, or you might discover other hidden issues that are causing problems in your marriage. Overall, many people are surprised by just how helpful marriage counseling can be.

You shouldn't let something as silly as money get in the way of your happy marriage. If the two of you have been arguing about finances, now is the time to do something about it. Talk to a professional like Sharon O'Connell, MA.