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3 Tips For An Easier Recovery After Laser Vein Treatment For Spider Veins On Your Face

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Laser vein treatment is an ideal way to rid yourself of embarrassing or painful spider veins on your face. The recovery is typically fairly easy and often requires no more than over-the-counter medications to manage your discomfort. However, there are several steps that you can take to make the process even easier.

#1-Have A Reasonable Expectation Of What Your Face Will Look Like After The Procedure

Obviously, you and your doctor both want your face to be returned entirely to its previous condition. However, that is rarely possible. Instead, you should expect an improvement of 50 to 90%, and it can take up to a year for full results to be seen. Injured capillaries or veins are the primary cause of spider veins on the face, as opposed to spider veins on other body parts that are often due to physical stress, injury, pregnancy, etc. Some people can cause spider veins on their face to form or worsen simply by washing their face too hard.

The degree of improvement seen is often based on the following factors:

  • The size and severity of the spider vein

  • Its specific location on the face

  • Skin care after the procedure

  • Overall skin condition prior to the procedure

#2-Understand That You May Need Several Treatments Before Final Results Are Seen

Unfortunately, it is all too easy to think that spider veins, even small ones located on the face, can always be remedied in a single afternoon. It is not unusual to need multiple visits, every four to six weeks, in order to see the final results.

In addition, it is also helpful to remember that your skin will probably be extra sensitive following your laser vein treatment. Refrain from rubbing or scratching at the area, and be sure to speak with the physician about an appropriate moisturizer, facial cream, or sunblock to prevent any new problems.

#3- Remember that Right After Treatment, The Spider Veins May Look Worse Than They Did Before

As previously mentioned, your pain is likely to be minimal, but immediately after the treatment; the veins are often more obvious or discolored. As a result, you may find it awkward to return to work right away.

In addition, it is often recommended for patients to use an antibiotic ointment or cream on the treated areas, and makeup is unlikely to help the healing process. Therefore, you may find it easier to schedule the procedure on a Friday afternoon and plan to have a lazy weekend at home. At the very least, an afternoon off would not be a bad idea.

In conclusion, spider veins are never fun to have, but can be particularly challenging to tolerate when they are on your face. When planning your laser vein treatment, it is crucial to be sure that you are following all of the appropriate aftercare instructions. Complying with your doctor's recommendations can be essential to preventing additional spider veins from forming on your face.

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