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3 Reasons To Consider In-Home Care

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If your elderly loved one is in need of medical care, but you either do not feel comfortable with or cannot afford to send them to an assisted living center, then it is highly recommended that you take into consideration in-home care as a viable option. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn a few of the reasons to consider in-home care.


One of the best things about in-home care is that the plans can easily be customized to meet your needs. This means that the plans that in-home care centers offer are generally very flexible, and can have amenities added or subtracted according to your budget. For example, there are plans for those that only need short term assistance during certain hours during the day, or for those who only need assistance with certain facets of their life, such as preparing a meal. Still other plans are more rigorous, with some in-home care services offering healthcare as well, meaning that regular nursing visits and dressing changes can become part of your loved one's life.

Staying At Home

In-home care is exactly as it sounds: care that is given inside of the home. No one likes to be taken from their home, and, as such, your loved one will not have to abandon that which he or she finds comfortable. Pets, the amenities that having their own residence can offer them, and a sense of familiarity are all things that your loved one does not have to leave behind if you so decide to utilize the services of in-home care. Being placed in a strange home, uprooted from the environment that they know and love, can place a litany of stress related issues upon your loved one, such as sudden changes in their mood, or a lack of sleep, that he or she would otherwise not have to deal with.

Preventative Measures

An in-home aide can help you provide preventative measures for your loved one, in case he or she falls in poor health. Among these measures are a nutrition plan, a medical management system (to ensure that your loved one is taking their medication on time, etc.), and a falls prevention checklist in order to ensure that he or she will not be prone to falling due to their environment.

Take the time to speak to your loved one, as well as representatives at in-home care services, in order to determine if in-home services are right for your loved one and you.

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