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Urgent Care Is A Viable Alternative For Your Critical And Noncritical Health Care Needs

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You can't predict when you'll have to visit the emergency room because of an illness that requires immediate attention. Once you arrive at any hospital, you'll find out that there are other patients there who may have more life-threatening conditions than yours, and so you may have to wait until all the life-threatening conditions are taken care of before you are tended to. You do have an option to visit an urgent care center for emergencies when you can't get an early appointment with your primary care physician or you don't want to wait for hours in the ER before you're seen. Urgent care is a viable alternative for your critical and noncritical health care needs.

Urgent Care Center Wait Time Shortened And Costs Are Lower

A majority of urgent care centers have staff physicians on duty, and their wait times are usually 30 minutes or less in some cases. An urgent care center visit costs $150. Compare that with an ER visit cost of $1,354, and you're left with more money in your pockets after visiting an urgent care center. The centers also accept insurance coverage.

Options To Suit Your Needs

The centers also operate during evening and weekend hours when your regular doctor's offices are closed. Staff members perform X-rays and lab tests. The centers have handy state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and its staff members treat your minor common medical problems. Such illnesses run the gamut from sprains, minor burn incidents, respiratory infections, and even animal bites.

More About Urgent Centers

Urgent care offers you treatment at your convenience. The centers offer expanded hours and lower costs plus the fact that you're quickly seen and treated. Urgent care centers are not meant to replace your primary care physician or an emergency room visit. However, it sure helps you to avoid visiting a crowded emergency room and sitting around for hours. With its no-appointment-needed option, it saves you from spending an excessive amount of time waiting to meet with your primary care physician.

Urgent Care Trend Growing

With such appealing options, patients with increased demands for convenient and high-quality critical and noncritical medical care are turning to urgent care for treatment. This trend is contributing to the growth of new urgent care facilities. Urgent care is heavily promoted by employers and insurance carriers because of its cost-effectiveness and ease when you seek medical treatment.

Hospitals Cashing In On Urgent Center Profits

Some hospitals with an eye on the competition, and seeing the beneficial profit in offering urgent care, have struck up affiliation with urgent centers. They've bought up urgent care centers by way of mergers and acquisitions. ER physicians appreciate the affiliation's purpose, which leaves them focusing on critical ER cases.

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