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Signs That Signal That Your Parent Needs In-Home Care

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If you have been wondering if your parent needs some in-home care in order to stay living independently, then you will be pleased to learn that there are some signs you can use to help you identify if it is necessary yet or not. While not all elderly people need help to stay in their homes as they age, many do. To this end, here are some of the signs that your parent may need some in-home support from now on:

Sign: Your Parent's Home is Less Clean Than It Used to Be

If you have noticed a change in the cleanliness of your parent's home when visiting, then this could be a sign that your parent needs some extra support at home. Whether the cause of the lack of sanitation is caused by low energy, physical limitations, or a change in your parent's mental status, a dirtier home is one of the sure signs that a parent needs extra assistance.

Sign: Your Parent is Not as Concerned with Personal Hygiene as They Once Were

If you visit your parent's house for a few days and notice that they do not shower or often have bad breath, then these are also signs that in-home care may be needed. Often when people age and begin to develop early dementia, they will simply forget to complete certain tasks. While you might think about them not keeping up with the yard or household as they used to are signs of needing help, not keeping up with personal hygiene is another sign that assistance is necessary for independent living.

Sign: Your Parent Has Had A Significant Loss of Weight Without a Medical Reason

Often as people age they naturally become somewhat less interested in food and cooking meals. However, if your parent has had a significant weight loss in the last year without any medical reasons, then they could benefit from having someone come into their home and help fix meals. Additionally, if your parent has limited mobility or is unable to safely drive themselves to the grocery store, then they can benefit from having help in this area of their life.

Sign: There is A Large Stack of Unpaid or Late Bills

Finally, if you happen to notice a large stack of unread mail or bills marked as "past due," then your parent may need assistance with paying their bills each month. Without paying their necessary bills, your parent could find themselves without power or water.

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