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Breast Augmentation Consultation: What To Expect

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Whether you want to correct a deformity, improve your breast shape, or size to boost self-esteem, or reduce your breast size due to back problems, making the decision to have breast surgery can be life altering. It's not a decision you should make in haste. Research your options, choose an experienced surgeon and know the risks and benefits. To increase the likelihood that your consultation will go smoothly, it helps significantly if you come prepared. Here's what you should know if you have a consultation for breast surgery coming up.

Expectations, Questions and Concerns

Be prepared to discuss what your goals are with breast surgery and what, in your mind, the ideal outcome would be. The surgeon needs to know your expectations and desired outcome. If there is any lack of understanding, or there is any misunderstanding between you and your surgeon, it increases the chances that you may end up dissatisfied with the outcome. Many times patients arrive at the consultation and forget to ask certain questions. So it's a good idea for you to write down a list of questions, as well as any concerns. This way you ensure that all of your questions and concerns are addressed and you leave the consultation feeling well-informed.

Medical History

Your surgeon will ask you in-depth questions about your current health, as well go over your medical history. It's crucial for you to answers honestly and provide as much detail as possible. Certain medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, increase the risk of complications. The goal is for your surgeon to make sure you're a good candidate for breast augmentation. Some medical issues can be managed through proper planning, so that you are kept safe during surgery and lower the risk of complications. If you remember something pertinent to your medical history after the consultation, be sure to call your surgeon's office and leave the information with the nurse.

Physical Exam and Photographs

Be prepared for your surgeon to give you a physical exam. This will include taking detailed measurements of your breast size and shape. The surgeon will also examine the placement of your nipple and areola, the skin quality of your breast and the amount of natural breast tissue you have. The surgeon will also feel for any abnormalities in your breast tissue, such as lumps. After the exam, the surgeon will take photos of your breasts, discuss options and recommend a course of treatment.

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