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3 Tips For Reducing Knee Pain When You Can't Rest

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One of the main suggestions for reducing knee pain, especially when caused by repetitive or strenuous activity, is to get as much rest as possible. Walking, running, or jumping puts stress on the joint. Even the weight of standing can cause the pain to worsen. Unfortunately, for many people, staying off of your legs is not always an option. While complete rest is the best option for avoiding further injury and reducing pain, there are some ways that you can reduce your knee pain when you can't get the rest you need. 

Consider Partial Rest 

Even when you cannot fully rest, there are a lot f ways to achieve partial rest. You can use crutches to take the weight off of your injured knee. Or you can wear a brace to help support your knee. When you are standing, you can lift your injured knee slightly to take the weight off of it, and when you are sitting you can prop your leg up to achieve a few moments of total rest. Making small changes throughout your day can reduce the amount of pain you experience while still allowing you to complete your mandatory tasks. 

Reduce Your Load 

When you have an injured knee, the weight of your body is all you should carry. If you have other things you need to carry, you should find other ways to carry them. If you are the mother of a small child, you should consider using strollers as much as possible. If you are a student or professional, consider a rolling suitcase instead of a backpack. Similarly, when shopping, use a rolling cart to take your groceries from your car to your home instead of carrying them. 

Do Appropriate Exercises

Exercising may sound like the exact opposite of rest. But for knee injuries, appropriate exercises can help strengthen the muscles around your knee. This will provide additional support and reduce stress. Additionally, proper stretching can lengthen tight muscles that may be causing too much stress on your ligaments, causing them to slip or pop. While you can find exercises and stretches for knee injuries online, it is best to consult with your doctor or physical therapist for exercises that will benefit your specific injury. 

While these things can help reduce the pain you experience from an injury, you should still see a doctor about your pain and rest as much as you can. You can also contact establishments like Pain Stop MD.