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Warning Signs That You May Be Addicted To Cosmetic Surgery

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Mental health issues come in a number of different forms, including addiction. While people often associate addictions with drugs and alcohol, you may find that you're demonstrating addictive behavior in another area and that you could use some help from a mental health professional. Many people become addicted to cosmetic surgery; what might start as a desire to change the appearance of one part of your body could lead to an addiction that consumes your life. Here are some warning signs that you may be developing an addiction to these procedures.

Cosmetic Surgery Is Taking All Of Your Money

Cosmetic surgery isn't cheap, which means that even one procedure can be expensive and require a lot of time to save up for. Addictive behavior can be evident when you're already booking your next appointment even if you don't have the money to pay for it. Perhaps you're taking out loans, borrowing money from people, or otherwise incurring debt so that you can get more cosmetic surgery. This is even more of a concern if you're neglecting other things. For example, perhaps you're not able to pay your rent or pay for your children's needs because you're spending all of your money on cosmetic surgery.

You No Longer Look "Normal"

Although looking a certain way is in the eye of the beholder, people who become addicted to cosmetic surgery may enhance their bodies in a manner that is highly unnatural. Perhaps your friends or even your family members have expressed concerns about how you're starting to look. For example, a woman may get breast implants that are abnormally large and, thus, highly cumbersome, while a man may get an extreme facelift that makes him not remotely look his age. While everyone has personal tastes about how they look, dramatically changing your appearance (especially to the concern of those around you) can be a troubling sign.

Your Appearance Dominates Your Thoughts

While many people can get a cosmetic procedure, be happy with it, and then move on with life, this isn't the case for those who may have addictive behavior. Such individuals could get a procedure but then not be satisfied; just as drug addicts need to continue using to satisfy their addiction, cosmetic surgery addicts may always be thinking about the next way that they can change their appearance.

If you're noticing any of these signs, you may wish to consult a mental health professional who specializes in addictions to receive the help that you need. Contact a local mental health service clinic, such as Psych Dimensions Inc.