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Did Your Elderly Mom Just Get A Hearing Aid? Watch For These Warning Signs That It Needs Repairs

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Hearing devices have come a long way in recent years, and your aging mother benefits from new technology that increases the comfort and effectiveness of using them to augment her hearing. While a quality hearing device can last many years with proper care, the majority of them do need occasional repairs simply because of the constant wear and tear that occurs with use. In the beginning, people sometimes find it hard to tell if a hearing device is having a problem or if it is just a normal adjustment issue. While your mom gets used to her new devices, be sure to watch for these warning signs that they may need hearing aid repairs.

It Stops Working Completely

Your mom's hearing device requires a battery to work, and these must be changed regularly. If your mom's device stops working, then your first step should be to check and change the battery. If it still does not work, then move on to check for a clog in the tubing that goes from the ear mold to the receiver. Sometimes, earwax or other debris can get in there and block the sound. If neither of these checks reveal a cause for the device to stop working, then hearing aid repairs might be necessary to restore its functionality.

It Makes a Whistling Sound

In the early stages of wearing the hearing devices, your mom might notice a whistling sound if she places them in her ears the wrong way. When this happens, have your mom remove the device and carefully put it back in her ear. She can also try cleaning her ears and well as the devices. If the whistling sound persists, then it could be a faulty device that needs to be repaired or replaced.

It Has Intermittent Issues

During the adjustment period, your mom might notice that certain sounds seem louder than others in a noisy room such as a cafeteria. Alternatively, she may encounter muffled hearing if the device becomes clogged. However, she should notice that these issues quickly resolve once she corrects the underlying issue. A hearing device that constantly goes in and out or that does not produce reliable sound may have a technical problem that needs to be repaired by a professional.

Naturally, your mom will need some time to get used to her new hearing devices. Yet, you should know that this should only create minimal and temporary issues with her ability to hear. When you notice one of these warning signs of a need for repair, help your mom make the appropriate arrangements to get her devices working so that she can benefit from being able to hear better.