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Here's Why You Should Get An Eye Exam Every Year

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If you want your eyes to remain in solid shape for the duration of your life, they will require frequent care just like every other part of your body. But even knowing that, some people choose to avoid going to the eye doctor until they notice a significant decline in their vision. Here are three reasons why you should get a licensed eye exam at least once a year even if you don't notice any significant changes to your eyesight.

Eye Exams Can Catch Small Changes You Would Not Notice on Your Own

When your vision worsens, sometimes it only changes enough to require your prescription to go up just one measurement in strength. This can be awfully difficult to discern on your own but can quickly become apparent with the help of an eye doctor. Making sure you always have the correct prescription for your current vision will benefit you immensely in your day to day life. Better vision will allow you to read signs while driving a little bit sooner and allow a quicker response time in a variety of other areas in your life.

Catch Serious Issues Before It's Too Late

Many eye diseases are difficult to notice on your own because the change to your vision happens so gradually. Glaucoma in particular is known for gradually destroying your eyesight but with very few to no noticeable symptoms on a day to day basis. When you get a licensed eye exam, you won't just be reading a chart. The doctor will also take a deep look into the back of your eye to search for other problems with your retina and the surrounding area.

There is More Strain on Your Eyes Today Than Ever Before

Today, just about everyone owns a smartphone or a tablet. Between that and your work computer, you might spend a significant amount of time staring at a screen every single day. Digital eye strain is real and it can gradually cause your eyes to become tired throughout the day. This could even lead to a problem with dry eyes because when you stare at a screen, you don't blink as much as you normally do. A regular trip to the eye doctor can help you ensure you are not damaging your eyes from too much screen time and the doctor can likely also provide you with some best practices for how to adjust your digital habits going forward.

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