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What To Expect After A Lap Band Procedure

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Obesity can be difficult for a person to correct on his or her own. In some cases, obesity is caused by medical issues or medications that cause a person to gain weight. If you are currently obese and want to lose weight and restore your health, your doctor may recommend a lap band procedure. A lap band procedure involves placing an adjustable ring around the upper area of the stomach to create a smaller stomach area and lower food consumption. Many people have had great results and lost a substantial amount of weight after a lap band procedure. Continue reading to learn more about what to expect after this life-changing procedure:

Pain Relief

Immediately following surgery you should not experience pain since narcotics are administered while you are under anesthesia. After the anesthesia and narcotics wear off, you will be given oral or IV pain medication to keep you comfortable. In some cases, you may be kept overnight at the hospital to be observed after a lap band procedure, but if you are sent home, make sure that you have a friend or family member fill your pain medication prescription from your doctor. At home, make sure that you take your pain medication exactly as prescribed to stay on top of the pain and limit your discomfort.


Several hours after surgery when all of the anesthesia has worn off, you will be asked to attempt to walk in the recovery area. After a lap band procedure you may be nervous about walking, but getting up and moving is actually very important since it helps with recovery and can prevent blood clots. Once you are at home, you should continue to walk in order to promote healing and circulation, but avoid picking up anything heavy for a few weeks or doing strenuous activity.


After a lap band procedure, your diet will need to change drastically. When the lap band is placed, it makes your stomach smaller, so you will not be able to consume as much food at one time. For the first couple of days after surgery, you will only be able to consume a clear liquid diet; some of the things that you can have may include broth, fruit juice, and water. After about a week, your doctor may recommend adding meal replacement shakes to give you nutrition. As you continue to heal, you will be able to add soft foods to your diet. Your doctor may suggest seeing a nutritionist to create a good diet plan to follow after having a lap band procedure. 

A lap band procedure has been extremely beneficial for many individuals who wished to lose excess body weight. If you have further questions about this medical procedure, call a specialist today.