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What Should You Know About The CBD Flower?

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Although medical and/or recreational cannabis remains illegal under federal law (and in around two dozen U.S. states), the recent popularity boom of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and other CBD products in even the most conservative states has brought this issue to the forefront. For cannabis proponents, CBD oil offers users an opportunity to benefit from the many positive side effects of cannabis without the "high." But not all CBD is created equal, and oil, resin, or flower can be quite different from each other. Read on for four interesting and useful facts about the CBD flower. 

CBD Flower Looks Like Cannabis Flower

If you've been surprised to see what looks like leafy marijuana for retail sale lately, you're not alone: cannabis flower (containing THC) and CBD flower look, feel, and smell nearly identical. But while cannabis flower contains high levels of the psychoactive substance THC, CBD flower contains only CBD (and, sometimes, trace levels of THC). This provides the user with a much different experience.

CBD Flower Can "Bring You Down" from a Paranoid THC High

Although many users stick with straight CBD rather than mixing CBD and THC, those who do mix can utilize CBD flower to "come down" from a THC high. THC can often generate feelings of paranoia or anxiety, especially in first-time users; by adding some CBD flower to the mix, you can return to equilibrium with no ill effects.

CBD Flower Is (Mostly) Legal

Because CBD flower contains low to no THC, the psychoactive compound that is largely responsible for the illegality of cannabis, it's not classified as a Schedule I controlled substance in the same way as cannabis. Many state legislatures have expressly declared CBD to be legal, while others have indicated it remains in a legal "gray area" but that state and local police won't be instructed to enforce laws against it.

Safe Experimentation Is Key

Determining the right dose of a smokable substance like CBD flower can be tough. It's best to start small, with just one to two inhalations through a water pipe or vaporizer so that you don't overwhelm yourself. Once you've evaluated how the CBD affects you, you'll be in a better position to up your dosage or switch to other consumption methods. It's also important to source your CBD flower from a reputable company: one that doesn't use pesticides or other additives that could make the final product dangerous to smoke.

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