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3 Things To Know About Moh's Surgery

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If you were recently diagnosed with skin cancer, you may feel scared or overwhelmed. While it is dangerous, skin cancer does not have to be life-threatening. Today, there are many treatment options that are efficient and effective. Moh's surgery, for instance, is becoming a popular option for patients with certain types of skin cancer. This guide will give you a few important details about this type of treatment.

It's Accurate

Unlike certain types of cancer treatment, such as chemotherapy, Moh's surgery is quite accurate. The procedure targets the specific area of the skin where cancer is found.

The surgery involves removing thin layers of skin one at a time. Each layer is tested for cancer cells. If the layer is found to be cancerous, another layer is removed. Thin layers of skin are continuously removed and tested until no signs of cancerous cells are found.

It's Efficient

You may be thinking that the removal and testing of skin tissue in layers will be time-consuming, taking up many days throughout a period of weeks. In reality, Moh's surgery is completed in one session, meaning the layers are removed and tested during the actual procedure without you having to wait for results at home.

Once the skin tissue is removed, it is tested on site during the actual procedure. In many cases, the tissue is tested in minutes to determine if more tissue needs to be removed. This ensures that Moh's surgery is not only accurate and precise, but also an efficient skin cancer treatment.

It's Painless

Another fact to understand is that you will not experience any pain or discomfort during the Moh's surgery. Once the surgeon injects the numbing medication in the skin, you will not feel any more discomfort – even after the layers of skin are removed.

In addition to it being painless, most people are surprised by their recovery after Moh's surgery. Compared to other skin cancer treatments that require removing large portions of the skin, Moh's surgery does not leave severe scarring, which is extremely beneficial if you have cancerous tissue in a more visible part of your body, such as the face or your arms.

Skin cancer does not have to be a life sentence. This guide will help you understand the benefits and effective nature of Moh's surgery. Talk to your doctor today to determine if you are a good candidate for this innovative procedure. You can also visit a site like http://swoncology.net/ for more information.