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Are You Experiencing Possible Hormone-Related Symptoms? 3 Benefits Of Scheduling A Telemedicine Hormone Imbalance Consultation

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Hormone imbalances can happen at various stages in your life, but both men and women become more at risk for developing symptoms from this condition as they reach middle age and beyond. Right now, you might be experiencing unexplainable fatigue or mood swings. Hot flashes and excessive sweating are also common when you have too much or too little of important hormones flowing through your body. Although it might be tempting to wait it out, these types of symptoms can reach the point of having a negative impact on your life. Scheduling a telemedicine hormone imbalance consultation provides you with these three benefits for improving your wellbeing.

Gain Greater Access to Hormone Specialists

Many people lack the ability to just run down the street and find a healthcare provider that specializes in hormonal imbalances. You might find that your options are restricted due to living in a remote or rural location. You might also be avoiding certain locations due to social distancing. With telemedicine, you can talk to a specialist that works in a different city or state. You can also avoid having to visit a crowded medical facility in person. Being able to speak over the phone or computer eliminates lengthy waits for an appointment that could be a barrier to you getting help sooner.

Talk About Your Symptoms in a Comfortable Location

The symptoms of a hormone imbalance can sometimes include things that are difficult for some people to talk about. For example, you might prefer to talk about changes in your libido or urinary issues in a place where you don't have to worry about someone overhearing your conversation. With telemedicine, you get to choose where you are during your appointment. You can choose to sit in your office or bedroom with no one else around, which you might not be able to do in a health care office with thin doors and walls.

Learn More About How Hormone Imbalances Impact Your Health

Telemedicine hormone imbalance consulting involves more than just issuing a prescription for hormones. During your initial talk with a specialist, you can learn more about all of the factors that influence hormone production in your body. In addition to using hormone supplements, your specialist can share ideas for improving your health such as making dietary changes. They can also help you stay alert for signs of conditions that are impacted by hormones. Once you begin hormone supplementation, you'll have a convenient way to continue to connect with your specialist through telemedicine to track your progress and any changes in your health.