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When You Do Not Complete Physical Therapy Treatment, Bad Things Can Happen

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It does not matter what type of injury it is, when a healthcare professional prescribes physical therapy as a part of your treatment program — it is important that you complete the full course of treatment. A failure to complete the entire physical therapy regimen can put you at risk for a number of issues. Learn more about what some of these issues are so that you can avoid them. 

Reinjury Risk

Particularly for injuries that involve surgical intervention, it is important to keep in mind that the operation is only the start of the healing process. Only with proper exercise, treatment, and recovery will the body be fully restored. Physical therapy aims to provide you with all these healing steps. 

When an individual fails to complete physical therapy, it may also mean that their injury will fail to heal as it should. Ultimately, when you fail to heal properly, you are at an increased risk for reinjury to the site. Physical therapy helps move you toward the goal of long-term healing. 

Limited Mobility

One of the greatest benefits of physical therapy is improved mobility. Particularly when it comes to therapy for injuries to the extremities, the therapeutic exercises performed help the patient improve their range of motion. As a result, when a person does not complete their treatment regimen, it is not uncommon for the person to also have mobility concerns.

Limited mobility can impact every area of your personal life but depending on how physically involved your work duties are, limited mobility can also have an impact in this area. It is also worth noting that limited mobility concerns can also elevate the risk of injury in another part of your body.

Additional Health Concerns

Physical therapy is very important when it comes to pain management. It does not matter where the injury is, when people have pain, it can have an impact on their entire body. As a result, people who are in pain are often more inclined to follow a sedentary lifestyle.

The problem with being sedentary is that not only can it exacerbate an existing injury, but it can also introduce other health concerns, including circulatory problems or the improper management of preexisting medical conditions, including hypertension and diabetes. 

Not only will physical therapy make you feel better, but it can also help keep you safer. Make every effort to complete your full course of treatment.